Baba's Mango Infusion

Black tea is one of the most consumed types of teas in the world. Baba always told us to mix in some fruit for an even more refreshing drink. With those ideas, we took to the lab using our own premium Baba Black Tea with mango. Then, we kicked it up a notch and the adult in us finally took over! And that, friends, is how we came up with Baba's Mango Infusion!

As always, feel free to submit your own recipes with Baba Black Tea flavors, and your recipe may be featured in our blog.

Baba's Mango Infusion Ingredients (leave out the alcohol, if not desired):
  1) One (1) Baba Black Tea with Mango sachet.
  2) Eight (8) ounces of filtered cold water (if using alcohol) or twelve (12) without.
  3) One (1) ounce of your favorite rum.
  4) One (1) ounce of your favorite vodka.
  5) One (1) ounce of your favorite gin.
  6) One (1) ounce of your favorite triple sec.
  7) One quarter (1/4) cup chopped and diced mango, with juice.
  8) One quarter (1/4) cup chopped fresh raspberries.
  9) One (1) tablespoon fresh lime juice.
10) One (1) tablespoon fresh orange juice.
11) One (1) slice of orange, or mango, for garnish.
12) Hot sauce and chili powder on the rim (if desired).

1) Empty the Baba Black Tea with Mango sachet into your favorite sixteen (16) ounce glass.
2) Add cold, filtered water to the glass and stir until instant tea is dissolved.
3) Add the alcohol (if desired).  If not, skip to step 4.
4) Add the chopped mango, including the juice.
5) Add the chopped raspberries.
6) Add the lime and orange juice.
7) Add ice and give all the ingredients a good final stir.
8) Add the hot sauce and chili powder to the rim of the glass (if desired).
8) Garnish with the orange and/or mango slice.
9) Add an umbrella and straw for looks, sip, and enjoy Baba's Mango Infusion.

Save a life, don't drink and drive.  Drink Responsibly!