Baba's Princess Peach

Peaches are a fresh and tasty reminder of summer time. Baba always used to bring us fresh peaches whenever possible. We've grown up eating peaches and drinking black tea.  So, yet again, we took Baba's teachings one step further! Starting with our own Baba Black Tea with peach, we took some time to craft another tasty beverage. Let's welcome you to Baba's recipe of Princess Peach! A light, flavorful, and easy to make beverage for those that love the taste of peaches combined with the flavor of soothing black tea.

As always, feel free to submit your own recipes with Baba Black Tea flavors, and your recipe may be featured in our blog.

Princess Peach Ingredients  (leave out the alcohol, if not desired):
1) One (1) sachet of Baba Black Tea with Peach tea.
2) Twelve (12) ounces (if using alcohol) of club soda or fourteen (14) without.
3) One and a half (1 1/2) ounces of your favorite peach vodka (substitute with orange juice for a non-alcoholic refresher).
4) One quarter (1/4) cup of chopped/diced peaches (or more, if you like).

1) Empty out the Baba Black Tea with Peach sachet into your favorite sixteen (16) ounce glass.
2) Add the alcohol (or orange juice) to the glass and mix well.
3) Add ice and a little bit of the club soda (to start).
4) Shake, shake, shake señora, shake your baba right.
5) Add the remaining club soda.
6) Add the fruit, a straw, an umbrella and garnish if you wish. 
7) Sit back and relax, while enjoying the princess peach.  Cheers!

Save a life, don't drink and drive.  Drink Responsibly!