Baba's Sweet Lemon Heat

Black lemon tea doesn't have to be just another off the cuff tea.  Baba's Sweet Lemon Heat is a fusion of flavor profiles and is sure to be a cocktail worth drinking more than once.  There's never a wrong way to make your favorite beverage, but this recipe is a great summer refresher.  With or without spirits, Baba's Sweet Lemon Heat is sure to please those who love a sweet flavor with a spicy kick!

As always, feel free to submit your own recipes with Baba Black Tea flavors, and your recipe may be featured in our blog.

Baba's Sweet Lemon Heat Ingredients:
1) One (1) Baba Black Tea with Lemon sachet.
2) Eight (8) ounces of filtered, cold water.
3) Two (2) ounces of lemon vodka (leave out for non-alcoholic version).
4) Three (3) to Four (4) ounces of fruit punch (any brand).
5) One quarter (1/4) of a ripe peach, chopped up into pieces.  More if you like.
6) Two (2) to Four (4) black cherries, pitted, halved or chopped.  More if you like.
7) One half (1/2) of a fresh squeezed lemon, pitted.
8) Tajin spice for the rim (TM and Copyright -

1) Empty the Baba Black Tea with Lemon sachet into your favorite sixteen (16) ounce glass, after adding the Tajin to the rim of the glass.
2) Add cold, filtered water to the glass and stir until tea is dissolved.
3) Add the vodka (if adding), lemon juice, and fruit punch of your choice.  Stir.
4) Add the chopped pieces of fruit (may be dipped in Tajin, as well).  Stir.
5) Add ice and give it all a final stir.
6) Sip and enjoy the sweet lemon heat.

Save a life, don't drink and drive.  Drink Responsibly!